How to Buy Curtains for Bay Windows

Homeowners adorn bay windows due to their architectural beauty, ability to allow light in, and let you enjoy the picturesque view of the outdoors. These windows have a single huge picture window in the middle and two smaller slanted windows resting on either side, creating a small nook that most people furnish to get a tidy sitting space for leisure.

Despite their stunning appearance, bay window treatment can be a challenging task. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. This blog is a quick guide that can help you tremendously make well-informed decisions regarding purchasing bay window drapes.

How To Measure Curtains For Bay Windows

You need to consider the following points to get the right-sized curtains for your gorgeous bay windows.

Decide on the Point of Installation

First, identify the placement spot for the curtains, which means you want to hang the curtains from inside or outside the window frame. Depending on your preferences, each option will require a different set of hardware, have a different installation process, and result in a different set of measurements.

Measure Width

To determine the width of bay window curtains, you need to measure the width of each section/wall of the bay individually. A rule of thumb for dressing bay windows is that the curtain panel width should always be two times the window width. Moreover, mount the rod almost four to six inches above the window frame and extend the rod two to three inches on both sides.

Measure Length

Determine the style you want to go with before measuring the length of your drapes. Do you want the curtains to gently touch the floor or float over it in the air? Depending on your selection, grab a tape measure and take dimensions accordingly.

Know How Many Curtain Panel is Required

Before you go curtain shopping, decide on how many curtain panels will be enough to give your bay window a nice and fuller look. A bay window having three windows looks extravagant with four curtain panels. Always remember the rule; curtain panels’ width should always be double the window’s width.

Important Things to Know Before Buying

It is crucial to pay attention and decide on the following factors before purchasing the curtains of your choice:


Due to the large area of bay windows, they allow you to enjoy the picturesque view of the outside but can also let the intruding eyes get a sneak peek into your home. Therefore, consider pairing curtains with shades or blinds to allay your privacy concerns.

Decide on How Much Sunlight is Required

If your bay windows face the sun directly, you need to figure out how to manage light intensity so it cannot damage the furniture and room interiors.

Select Appropriate Curtain Hardware

Choosing the correct hardware can be tricky because of the configuration of bay windows, where two sides of the window stick to the wall and the center protrude outwards. If you moved to a house with pre-installed curtain hardware, you need to buy custom-made rods and curtains that fit their size.

Some people use a single large rod and mount it on the wall above the bay window, giving it a monotonous look. Some homeowners utilize small rods and individually mount them on the three-bay window walls. Several curtain hardware options are available in the market, such as corner connections (elbow brackets) and flexible rods that can bend at different angles across the bay window to give it a customized look.

Modern Curtain Styles for Bay Windows

As every bay window built in a home will have its dimensions, it is advisable to go for custom-made drapes for your bay windows to give an elegant touch to your home decor. Before you place an order for your custom-made drapes, decide on an alluring curtain styling idea that will capture your guest’s attention quickly. Here we have rounded up some of the extraordinary curtain ideas for bay windows:

Use A Combination of Curtains and Blinds

Go for Small Bay Window Curtains

Curtains for Bay Windows

Sheer Curtains for Bay Windows

Cafe-Style Bay Curtains for Dining Room

Curtains for Bay Windows

Use Bold Colored Curtains for A Dramatic Look

As we have guided you on everything related to bay windows, you can embellish them now with great ease. Check out our upcoming blogs on how to buy curtains for double or wide windows and how to buy curtains for sliding glass doors to give your space a fresh look.

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