How to Buy Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors give a contemporary touch to the home architecture and allow you to enjoy a beautiful outside view. It has some limitations, as it lacks privacy features and lets in obtrusive sunlight and UV radiation. However, these flaws are insignificant and are remedied by adding curtains. Hanging modern curtains for sliding glass doors will not only help you tackle these issues but also enhance the aesthetic of your room. But choosing curtains that nicely fit your glass door is a tedious job. Don’t worry. Read through the blog as we have prepared a comprehensive guide on buying curtains for sliding doors!

Measure the Length and Width of a Sliding Door

Correct measurements of the sliding door are a prerequisite for buying accurate-sized curtain panels to give an exquisite appearance to the room. To measure the height, place the tape measure on the top of the door and extend it to the bottom. Observe the reading and note it down to get the accurate size of your curtain. The standard height of a sliding glass door is 80 inches.

Additionally, the width of a standard sliding door ranges between 60 to 72 inches. If you cannot eyeball the width, take a measuring tape and measure the width across the sliding door. The width will even aid you in deciding the rod size along with the appropriate curtain size. Once you know the width of the door, make sure to get a curtain rod that is 8 inches longer than the door’s width. It will give you extra 4 inches on either side so your curtains can stack back nicely when fully drawn.

When purchasing drapes, ensure that they must hang 4 inches higher than the height of your sliding door since they must be mounted 3 inches above and 1 inch below the door frame. Finally, you can use this simple formula to calculate the width of the curtain panels:

Curtain width = width of sliding door divided by the number of panels multiplied by desired fullness (1 for standard drapes, 2 or 3 for heavy-pleating drapes).

Decide on the Fabric and Style of the Drapes

After all the technical parts, let’s decide on the aesthetical and functional aspects of the drapes. Pick the material that satisfies your needs in the best possible way. Choose lightweight sheer curtains if you want to relish the natural light and create a magnificent setting for your room. Go with light filtering drapes that have a medium thickness, which allows a small amount of light to shine through them and gives you privacy. If you want to turn your room into a mini-theater or have a restful night’s sleep without being disturbed, you should consider sliding door blackout curtains because they completely darken the space and block out any noise.

Choosing from many sliding door curtain ideas, you can style your curtains in creative and lovely ways. To decorate your sliding door, you can use one curtain panel (single panel curtains), two curtain panels (double panel curtains), or three curtain panels (two on each side and one in the middle) (triple panel curtains).

Contemporary Curtain Ideas For Sliding Door

Covering a sliding glass door by choosing a beautiful curtain style idea from the list of eye-catching designs below, you can quickly improve the appearance of your room.

Drapes Hanging from the Ceiling
Curtains with a Subtle, Minimalist Style
Blackout Panels for Sliding Glass Doors
Use Two Different Types of Drapes
Chic White Sheer Curtains
Beautifully Patterned Curtains
Match The Drapes With The Furniture
Mount The Hardware A Little High Above The Sliding Door
Keep The Curtains To One Side Of The Door
Go With Color Contrast

As you are fully aware of all the aspects regarding the best sliding door window treatment, you can now check out our other blogs, which can enlighten you on how to buy curtains for wide or double windows and how to buy curtains for bay windows!

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