How to Buy Curtains for Wide Windows

Finding appropriate curtains for big windows can be challenging for some homeowners. Precise measurement of the window is needed to guarantee that the curtains purchased are of the correct size. An accurate size curtain furnishes an elegant look to the room when curtains are drawn and cover the entire window effectively when curtains are closed. Here is a quick guide on how to buy curtains for double windows or windows that are too wide.

How to Measure the Width of Windows

To get an exact size, use a tape measure and measure across the window, including the window frame. Now double it to get the actual width of the curtains. To ensure that the curtains cover the windows with a decent fullness, the width of the window curtain panel should always be 2 to 2.5 times the window’s width.

How to Measure the Height of Your Window?

Regardless of the size of your window, mounting the rods higher and using full-length curtains is always recommended.

What is the Best Position to Place Curtain Tops?

If you want to go full length with your curtains for wide windows, mount the curtain track/rod directly onto the ceiling, which gives your room a taller and more spacious appearance. If you want to display your gorgeous decorative window and curtain rods, another alternative is to mount the curtain rod between the window frame and the ceiling.

Where Should the Curtain Bottoms Rest?

Depending on your preferences and the style of the room, you can choose from some of these options:

  • Hovering over the floor: It gives a dramatic feel to your space, and this look goes best with straight curtains.
  • Slightly touching the floor: When installed right, this wide curtains style gives a breathtaking classic look to the room.
  • Puddle curtain style: It enhances the ambiance and works best with European-style decor. With these drapes, you do not need to worry about the measurement of the curtains; take curtain panels that are 2-3 inches more than floor length curtains and form a clean and nice puddle on the floor. These curtains demand a lot of upkeep and are not recommended for homes with young children or pets since they readily collect dust and dirt.

To know the exact length of the drapes to be installed, measure the distance from the floor to the spot where you’ll hang the rod. For extra-large windows and personalized appearances, custom-made panels are perfect.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Curtains for Windows

The following are a few crucial points you must keep in mind while purchasing window curtain panels:

Purpose: What are your curtains’ intended uses? Do you want them for privacy or to avail of their light filtering feature? Or do you want them for decor?

Aesthetics: Which look or style do you want to achieve? As large windows draw the most attention, opt for curtains that complement the room’s ambiance and decor.

Plan the budget: Decide on the budget beforehand. Giant windows take up more curtain fabric, rods, support brackets, and other hardware for installation, which can quickly drive up the cost.

Trending Wide Window Curtain Ideas

Wide windows measure 84″ or more in width. These enormous windows are a favorite feature for homeowners to have built into their houses, and they wish to enhance their beauty with chic drapes and alluring ornamental rods. Let’s have a look at the best curtain styling ideas for vast windows:

Lightweight Sheer Curtains Create A Soft Look

The floor-to-ceiling windows would look gorgeous with sheer curtains mounted. These are reasonably priced and give the room an opulent appearance.

Hang Drapes Only on the Sides of the Window

Here is another mesmerizing look that is inexpensive. Install stationary drapes or blinds in front and hang the large window curtains along the sides.

Play with Different Fabrics and Hues

Mix and match different curtain colors and textures to create a customized look.

Stack Back the Curtains to One Side to Enjoy the Vista

Enjoy the stunning view without compromising the aesthetics by pulling back the drapes to one side.

Create A Unique Look with Window Scarves

Having a window scarf wrapped across it can give a large window an elegant appearance.

As we have walked you through decorating your gorgeous wide windows, we have also produced a comprehensive guide on how to buy curtains for bay windows and how to buy curtains for sliding glass doors. Go check it out right now!

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