How To Buy Curtains For Windows

Installing curtains is a good decision if you want to improve the look of your home. Apart from imparting beauty to your room, it provides homeowners with several other benefits, such as allowing you to completely block or adjust the amount of light you want into the room, reducing noise, and giving you a sense of privacy. It might be challenging to choose curtains for windows that are both functional for your needs and aesthetically pleasing.

Take it easy as we provide a detailed guide on choosing a custom curtain tailored to your requirements. This blog will assist you in deciding the appropriate curtain size, the number of curtains you need, window curtain types—sheer or blackout—the pleat design, and the curtain rod style that best complements the ambiance of your space.

Measure Precisely Before Purchasing A Curtain

It is futile to install a curtain if it does not precisely fit your window and cannot fulfill its intended function. To eliminate such a mishap, we recommend you accurately measure the width of your window. Bear in mind that the width of the curtain panel should be double that of your window width.

Before you make any curtain-related purchase, measure the width of your window with a measuring tape. While assessing the width, do not forget to include the frame of your window. Measure across the window and repeat the procedure three times. First, take dimensions from the top of the window, then from the center, and finally from the bottom. These statures will vary slightly. Note down the one that is the largest of all. Double the final measurement and get the width of the curtain panels. You can also use the known width to determine the width of the curtain rod. Remember that the rod’s width should be six to eight inches more than the window’s width.

Choose The Length of Your Drapes

The length of your room curtains depends on the decor and your personal choice. There are four main curtain length variations available. Let’s go through them one by one.

How To Buy Curtains for windows
A. Sill length:

These curtains fall half an inch above the window sill and impart a charming yet casual look to the room. These curtains will fit perfectly into the inner border of your window trim if your window lacks a sill. These are available in lovely hues and alluring designs, and they can give your area a striking appeal. People mostly buy these curtains for kitchen window above sink or small windows above counters, heaters, and furniture that would otherwise get blocked by full-length curtains. These draperies are simple to open and close and look gorgeous in the bathroom and kitchen.

B. Apron length:

These curtains flawlessly fall below the sill of your window. To decide the length of your apron curtain, take dimensions from the curtain rod to the windowsill and add two to three inches to the final measurement. These curtains bestow an unfussy and crisp feel to your space and prevent curtains from being dirty. Most people prefer to install such short curtains for living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

C. Floor length

The majority of homeowners prefer this length of the curtain. These drapes rest half an inch above the room’s floor. They give a stylish and refined touch to the room and make your room look spacious and taller. As these do not touch the floor surface, the hem does not pick up dust and dirt from the floor. These are ideal drapes for living room and high-traffic areas like the dining room and family room.

D. Puddle length:

If you want to give your space a dramatic and luxurious touch, then these curtains are the best option one can choose. To get an accurate measurement for installing a puddle length curtain, firstly measure for floor length drapes and then add almost six to ten inches to create an opulent puddle effect that instantly grabs your guest’s attention. When properly installed, these long window curtains appear immaculate, but they are not advised for homes with young children or dogs because the fabric pool on the floor is prone to dust and regular wear and tear. Before choosing this classy curtain style, be sure to pick a fabric that creates a clean curtain puddle on the floor of your room.

Decide on How Much Light You Require in Your Room

Everyone has different preferences for how much natural light they want in their space. While some want to give their bedrooms a rustic air by hanging sheer curtains, others prefer a gloomy room to improve the quality of their sleep. There are several options for controlling light with curtains. Check out these because they will assist you in deciding on the fabric for your drapes.


These lightweight curtains can diffuse natural light and add an ethereal glow to your home while maintaining some degree of privacy. If you are a fan of the lightning effect created by these sheer curtains, then you must opt for neutral colors. These are best suited for rooms that do not require much protection from sunlight. People who want to enjoy a good night’s sleep in a dark environment with night curtains and love a glimmer effect during the day can pair these sheer curtain panels with blackout or light-filtering curtains.

sheer curtain panels

Light Filtering

Sheer curtains diffuse sunlight, and light filtering curtains have the potency to block sunlight partially and do not create a complete blackout effect. They are semi-opaque and add a great degree of privacy to your room. These can act as a perfect barrier between indoor and outdoor areas of your home as they come in several opacity options ranging from semi-sheer to nearly opaque.

light filtering curtains


These blackout window curtains block 99–100% of light coming into your room. These are ideal for those who struggle with sleep disorders and want to keep the room dark. Additionally, if you desire to transform your space into a mini theatre, these curtains will undoubtedly aid in producing a dark and comfortable ambiance. These are great options to install in nurseries and bedrooms, where they can block light, act as a thermal barrier, muffle noise and provide you with absolute privacy.

blackout window curtains


Some curtains have a second thermal layer beneath the fabric to aid in insulating the house. These curtains are best for cooler months as these prevent inside heat from escaping to the outside environment. Although they are more opaque than sheer curtains, these drapes don’t completely block light. These thermal insulated curtains are the best option to make your home more energy efficient.

Determine The Number of Curtain Panels Your Window Require

Homeowners opt for ready-made curtain panels so they may easily give a stylish look to their room without much hassle. Curtains are available on the market in the form of panels. One fabric piece makes up each curtain panel. These come in several colors, materials, and price ranges. So before you shop, figure out how many panels you’ll need.

The number of curtain panels required depends upon the following factors:

  • Width of the window.
  • How much curtain cloth do you want on the sides of the window when it is open?
  • Curtain style.

Most people go for two curtain panels, but you can buy more according to your preference. The width of the curtain panel should always be double that of the window. It will let you hang the curtains perfectly, effectively cover the entire window when closed, and provide a great stack back when drawn.

Select The Curtain Header Design

The quest for customizing curtains according to your taste does not end when you find the perfect color and design. There is a lot more than that. How you style your curtains can transform the look and feel of your room.

The curtain heading design is one of the most crucial factors to consider while installing curtains. The heading is the top hem of a curtain that helps to hang the curtain on the rod. There are different heading styles, so picking the one that suits you the most can be an overwhelming job. Here we have listed the top header styles for curtains that can give a classy and comfy look to your home:

Rod Pocket

This curtain style is the simplest of all and goes best with curtains that are lighter in weight; sheer, voile, and net fabric. This design includes sewing a sizeable pocket across the top of the curtain, so the rod can easily glide into the area, and the curtain rod gets finally placed on the brackets. Go for this style to give your room a more traditional look.


The back tab curtains give a neat, subtle look to your window. Each curtain panel has a hidden tab at the rear that forms soft pleats while concealing the curtain rod behind the fabric. As the rod hides behind the curtain fabric, you don’t need to make an extra effort to match the curtain color with the rod for a camouflage effect. You can easily give any curtain a back tab header by sewing loops on the back of the curtain top.


This header style is formed by adding fabric tabs to the top of your curtain. The rod easily slips through these tabs and introduces pleasing gaps at the top of the curtain panel. You may flaunt your exquisite rods by choosing this style because it does not entirely cover the rod. These impart a comfy, relaxed yet modern look to your room and give your curtain top a perfect finish.


Grommet top curtains never go out of fashion and are still popular among homeowners as they offer a chic and sleek look to your living space. Grommet curtains have built-in rings that slide through the curtain rod and form sweeping pleats on either side of the window. Grommets come in many sizes and hues, making it simple to incorporate them into any decor theme.


Pinch pleat curtains have a highly ornamental top that gathers a lot of cloth into a compact bundle stitched together. Pin hooks inserted into the back of the curtain panel at each pleat are typically used to hang these curtains.

Since you’ve read our blog, you can now contemporize your living area with personalized curtains like a true interior designer!

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