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Watch Timothy explain about the Day and night curtain

Day & night curtain

Day curtains are constructed of sheer cloth and are lightweight, with the main function of allowing natural sunlight to flow through while maintaining privacy control.

The night curtain, on the other hand, is constructed of heavyweight and opaque fabric with the main function of blocking out most or all sunlight from entering the room, giving you total seclusion. As an extra upgrade, a complete blackout curtain is available.

The curtain tracks, tiebacks with measurements, and installations will be provided and done for you by our specialists.

Night curtain types

Eyelet Curtain

day and night curtains

Eyelet curtains are highly trendy and make a striking highlight of a window, because of the deep folds of cloth that run in consistent lines from top to bottom,  Curtains with eyelets are usually hung on a pole that is strung through metal rings.

S-Fold Curtain

day and night curtains

S-Fold curtain is a modern curtain style that run on S-Fold tracks, provides a luxury minimalist aesthetic adding a delicate touch to your home decor. This is a popular choice among homeowners mainly because they will never go out of style.

Double Pleat Curtain

day and night curtains

Double pleat curtains feature a double fold at the top to form a pleat that can be unlined, lined, or lined and interlined. They have a classic style and fits a formal design, therefore they go well with formal or conventional decorating styles.

Curtain fabric options

Day Curtain

Suitable for

Areas like your bedroom, study room and living room. Day curtains are to be place at the back of the night curtain mainly for privacy and aesthetic, to allow natural sunlight in while keeping your privacy in control.

Dimout Night Curtain

Suitable for

Areas like your living room, study room and bedroom mainly to use for blocking sunlight giving you complete privacy and total seclusion. 

Full Blackout Curtain

Suitable for

Areas such as bedroom to block out all the sunlight allowing you to sleep peacefully even during the day. It is great for customers who are sensitive to light.

Premium Curtain Fabrics collection

Dim out Material

Full blackout material

Day curtain

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