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Day Curtains Singapore

Transform your living spaces with the elegance and functionality of day curtain Singapore. When natural light and privacy are essential, day curtains play a crucial role in creating a comfortable and stylish environment.

Day curtains are constructed of sheer cloth and are lightweight, with the main function of allowing natural sunlight to flow through while maintaining privacy control.

Our specialists at Secret Furnishing are there to guide you with the curtain tracks, tiebacks, measurements, and installations.

Day Curtain

Day curtain

Suitable for

Areas like your bedroom, study room and living room. Day curtains are to be place at the back of the night curtain mainly for privacy and aesthetic, to allow natural sunlight in while keeping your privacy in control.

Benefits of
Day Curtain

Sun Protection: Block UV

Blocks up to 30% sunlight and safeguards against UV rays.
Preserves the longevity of furniture and flooring.

Privacy + Natural Light

Allows for ample natural light while ensuring privacy.
Ideal for apartments, landed homes, and high-rise buildings.

   Glare Reduction,Visual 

Blocks up to 30% sunlight and safeguards against UV rays.
Preserves the longevity of furniture and flooring.

Sun Protection: Block UV

Minimizes heat gain and lowers cooling

Contributes to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Sun Protection: Block UV

Wide range of designs, colors, and fabrics for personalization.
Seamlessly blends with various décor styles for added elegance..

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Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick answers to question you may have

What are day curtains, and how do they differ from night curtains?

Day curtains are lightweight window treatments designed to filter sunlight while maintaining privacy. Night curtains, on the other hand, are heavier and offer greater light blockage for optimal privacy during nighttime.

How do day curtains enhance privacy during the day?

Day curtains are made from sheer or semi-sheer fabrics that allow natural light to pass through while obstructing the view from the outside. This allows you to enjoy daylight without compromising privacy.

Can day curtains be custom-made to fit specific windows types and sizes?

Absolutely! Secret Furnishing offers made to measure day curtains in Singapore to ensure that your day curtains fit perfectly to your windows, regardless of their size or shape.

Are day curtains easy to maintain and clean?

Day curtains are generally easy to maintain and clean with spot cleaning or washing with a washing machine. Use a laundry net when washing delicate fabrics to ensure your day curtains to last longer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or seek professional cleaning services for more delicate fabrics.

Can day curtains help in reducing energy consumption?

By allowing natural day light in while minimizing heat gain indoors, day curtains can contribute to reduced energy consumption from the use of lights and air conditioner in the day time. 

What are the factors to consider when choosing day curtains in Singapore?

The most important factors to consider in include the fabric material and quality, color and design options, light control and privacy preferences, maintenance, and cleaning requirements, and budget considerations.

Where can I find affordable day curtains in Singapore?

To find affordable day curtains in Singapore, we recommend checking out our website, Secret Furnishing. Visit Our showroom to explore our collection of budget-friendly day curtains. Click Here to book a Showroom Visit.

Why Should I choose Secret Furnishing’s Day curtains?

Secret Furnishing have a reputable record of over 10,000 homes furnished with a rating of 4.9 stars. When choosing day curtains in Singapore, Secret Furnishing stands out for its high-quality materials, professional workmanship, extensive design options, customization, expert advice, customer satisfaction, warranty coverage, and after-sales support.

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