No.1 Safest Invisible Grille for Your Kids & Pets’ Safety

Enjoy a 10-Year Warranty Guaranteed against Rust, Coating Yellowing, Peeling, and Loose Wires. 😱

  • Free Teflon Coating Upgrade
  • Certified In-house Installers
  • Fastest lead time - 2 weeks!
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Anti-rust guarantee
  • Higher heat resistant
  • 100% quality assurance

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Free Teflon Coating Upgrade

Receive a free Teflon coating upgrade to strengthen durability and longevity.

Risk-Free 10 Years Warranty

All installation is protected by our 10-year warranty against rust, coating yellowing, peeling, and loose wires.

Certified In-House Installers

Enjoy a swift, 2-week professional installation with top-notch workmanship.

Exclusive HDB Packages

Custom-tailored to fit HDB homeowner unique needs and budget.

Get Superior Quality with a Teflon Coating Upgrade while paying the same price

Safety for Kids and Pets

Safety Assurance Without Sacrificing View. Parents and pet owners love it because Invisible Grilles ensure safety without compromising the aesthetics of your space, blending seamlessly with any contemporary style

Protection Against Birds

Keep Your Family Safe from Airborne Pathogens. Protect your family and pets from the health risks associated with bird droppings and unwanted intrusion by pigeons that create messes.

Superior Grade and Easy to Clean

Invest in Commercial-Grade Steels & Teflon Coating. Constructed from stainless steel 316 and enhanced with a Teflon coating, our Invisible Grilles resist corrosion and require minimal maintenance. This dual protection significantly reduces rust and dust accumulation, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Unobstructed Views

Enjoy Your Beautiful Outside Views. Designed to be barely visible, invisible grilles preserve the natural beauty of your windows and balconies. They are ideal for homeowners who value both aesthetic appeal and the need to keep their living spaces open and bright.

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Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick answers to question you may have

Is your invisible grille safe for my kids or pets?

Our invisible grilles boast superior strength, capable of withstanding pressures up to 90kg, tensile strength of up to 400kg —well above the weight of your children and pets. Despite their slender design, they are not sharp and pose no risk of injury.

How long does installation take?

Installation is quick and efficient—typically completed within two week from the date of your order. Our team ensures minimal disruption to your daily routine.

What is the warranty on Invisible Grilles?

We offer a 10-year anti-rust warranty on our Invisible Grilles, ensuring long-term durability and satisfaction.

Can I choose the gap between individual wires?

Yes, you can choose the gap between individual wires.

The standard gap is usually between 3 to 4 inches, and 1 to 2 inches which helps prevent small children and pets from slipping through while maintaining an unobstructed view.

What is 316 stainless steel?

In Singapore’s humid climate and coastal proximity, 316 stainless steel is ideal for HDB and condo invisible grilles due to its superior corrosion resistance.

This material withstands the salt spray and urban pollution prevalent in densely populated areas, ensuring durability and maintaining aesthetic appeal over time.

Opting for 316 stainless steel not only enhances safety against break-ins and accidents, particularly for families with young children or pets but also represents a wise long-term investment.

Do you provide onsite consultation and measurement?

Yes, we offer free onsite measurement and consultation services to tailor the Invisible Grilles to your specific needs and preferences.

I'm interested in your Invisible Grilles. How can I find out more?

You can contact us via WhatsApp for a quick estimated quote and to arrange an appointment, either at our showroom or onsite.

Our consultants will explain the details and take measurements to provide you with a finalized quote.

Once you decide to proceed, we will arrange for the installation within one week.

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