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White roller blinds beside planters

Roller blinds

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
Korean blinds beside a sofa

Korean blinds

  • Combination of shades
  • Space-saving design
  • Light control
  • Easy to operate
living room interior with window blinds

Venetian blinds

  • Long-lasting
  • Light control
  • Air ventilation
  • Aesthetics

Watch Timothy explain about the Roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blind is suitable for customers who want a more practical and less maintenance window blind giving your house a neat and clean look. PVC material is able to block out 100% of sunlight thus allowing you to sleep comfortably even throughout the day.

Parts of the roller blind includes the roller tube pulley string system, bottom bar and the fabric of your choice and a pelmet as an optional upgrade.

Roller blinds material options


Perforated material

Suitable for

Areas like kitchen, study room, living room and service yard to block some light and enjoy privacy at the same time.


PVC material

Suitable for

Areas like your kitchen, bathroom and high traffic area for privacy and full sunlight. Great for customers with sensitive nose with it’s anti-dust properties. 

Textured fabric

Textured material

Suitable for

Areas like your bedroom, to have more texture design to match your room interior decor. You have the option have a non-blackout or a full blackout material.

Watch Timothy explain about the Korean blinds

Korean Blinds

Korean blinds, also known as Combi blinds, Zebra blinds or Rainbow blinds are a trendy option to give you room a modern look while having the control to adjust the amount of coverage you need for your room in the day and night, blocking up to 60-70% of the sunlight, or a 90% blockage with the blackout option. It is able to gives you the privacy you need while making your room look aesthetically pleasing. The full blackout material is an optional upgrade. 

Parts of the blinds include pelmet, pulley string system, bottom bar and the fabric of your choice.

Korean blinds material options


dim out combi fabric

Suitable for

Areas where you want to control natural light like study room, living room and kids room. For customers who want to adjust for day and night setting in one blind.


blackout combi blinds

Suitable for

Areas like your bed room and where you want to have a day and night setting while being able to block up to 90% of the sunlight.

Watch Timothy explain about the Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats which can be rotated to adjust the control of air ventilation and sunlight in your room. This kind of blind is easy to maintain and serves its purpose while giving your room a classic look. The Venetian blinds have 3 types of pulley string systems; normal system, mono system, and easy lift system. You get to select from 2 types of material, either timber or Polystyrene.

Parts of the blind include a pulley string system, material, and design of your choice.

Venetian blinds system types

Normal System

It has a 2 string system where 1 string controls the up and down motion of the blinds, locking and unlocking function while the other string for adjusting the angle of the slate to control the amount and angle of the sunlight.

Mono system

It is a 1 string system that have the function to control the up and down motion, locking and unlocking and also adjust the angle of the slate. This system is less messy compared to the normal system.

Easy Lift

It is an upgraded version of the normal system with 2 strings whereby you use lesser strength to pull the blind up so it is advisable for customers opting for bigger blinds to get this system.

normal window blinds system
mono blinds system

Venetian blinds material options



Suitable for

Areas like your living room and study room to control your air ventilation and the angle of sunlight in your room. Natural material and is more durable.



Suitable for

Areas such as living room, study room and toilets, balcony and even service yard to control air ventilation and sunlight with it’s additional waterproof properties.

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